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Address: Canning subdivision, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal.
How to go: Canning local from Sealdah couth section (max 1 hour) > Hire auto (around 7 people/auto) from Canning railway station to Godkhali Ferry ghat (40 min around) > Hire launch from there and start your journey.
Pros: Amazing climate in November to January, nature, fresh air, wild animals
Cons: Possibilities of getting the right boat along with the right person, Availability of food or necessary things (carry all these)
What to visit ? Sundarban khari, Do Banki, Neti thopani camp
Company: best with quality friend group, or with group of families
Minimum day/time to visit: 2 days enough
Locality: Reserve forest
Expenses: More person less expenses (we 7 people spent 2200 per head)
More Information: People visit sundarban without any knowledge and guidance. They go and come back with a huge disappointment within. Probably people who goes second time, they visit with a proper planning to bring their luck back. There is a crucial factor in this mangrove forest which we need to keep in our mind, it is the season. If you want to go for the animals only, they have some particular time to come out of jungle specially for tiger. It is the general concept although. Few things to keep in mind:
1.If you are going through canning, take 7 starter auto by paying around 350 for each. Contact person Nazir - 9775190115. It takes around 45 min to reach to Godkhali.
2. Boat selection : It is the most crucial part while visiting Sundarban. Because having a good relation with an unknown boat driver means you can avail the best facilities through out the journey. I would suggest don't just hire the boat, hire the right person. For that you have to talk to the shop keeper nearby the ghat of Godkhali ferry ghat. Talk to them clearly regarding the possibilities and your plan.
I am giving you the contact person whom I think is very much useful because we have some good experience with this person.
Habibul Middye - 9564413655
3. Area selection: Don't roam the whole Sundarban by thinking that you may find Royal bengal tiger. This concept does not come up such way. It is all about planning and luck. Directly go to Do banki camp and Netidhopani followed by the dense forest. Why because there you will find watch tower, from there you can see sweet water reserve area for animals. They come there to drink water now and then. You may get a chance to see them. Afternoon or morning is the best timing to find them. Spend time atleast 1 hour in each camp watch tower.
4. Food: It is better to carry food with you. OR what you can do, you carry raw food with you and give the responsibilities to the boat person to cook for you. In that case you talk to the person before itself, not in the same day. OR else you can talk to the person regarding the raw materials for cooking and buy those from local market (If you prefer local non veg like fish, meat etc.) early in the morning from Pakhiralaya (Contact person - Kishore Maity - 8609339768 for fish) or Gosaba (Contact person Habibul Middye himself). Remember Habibul Middye is not a cook but he can beat others easily. Pay him cooking charge right way. Request him for cooking and treat him well.
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Godkhali ferry ghat
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I walk go lonely road !
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Journey started
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I love this picture
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This is something I call authenticity.
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Coloring own boat.
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Tiger reserve forest started
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Pakhiralaya ferry ghat
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Sunset in Sundarban
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Wood cutter
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This was our Mercedes ! :D
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Sundarban khari
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Mangrove Forest
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Gift of god !
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Some of our achievement
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They were our boat man, cook, guide all. (Habibul Middye, red color tshirt, boat owner)
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Seven wonder... lol..

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    Subhashish Roy
    Posted on: 29th Nov, 2017

    Extremely helpful information. Thanks a ton..