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Anjan Sen

Really ur work is highly commendable. Actually got a person in same feild... I am enriched from ur profile...Thnx bird lover friend...Anjan


অনুপ্রাণিত তাই ধন্যবাদ !!!


Wonderful album. Happy to see the birds in their habitats.


Wow this is Awesome!

Subhendu Sekhar

Amaazzing picture of birds !!!!. Thank you for making this beautiful birds nest and introduced birds with us.

Suparna Saha

Just amazing . .. itzzzz really wonderful..What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that

Shreyoshi Halder

Never got a chance to go through and check each an every picture. You got a handful of varieties of birds. You are lucky enough to find one and good hard work to click one.????????????????

senjuti shilanjona das

Mugdho holam...


Just fatafati....


An amazing collection of birds.. Excellent catch.would like to see more like this..wish you all the best..

Soham Ghosh

I told you that I will visit the website. So did I. Upload other pictures and be quick. I liked all the photos. Green Magpie please!!

Surajit Dasgupta

Khub bhalo kaj korcho bhai ....aro bhalo koro onek naam koro asirbad korchi

Palash Mondal

Awesome collection. I would like to see more like this. Wish you all the best Sabyasachi.


I feel so regretful that i hv come to know abt ur page so late. U r doing a commendable job...hat's off to u. Ur website reflects ur tremendous hard work, research, data update with enrichment. Thanks a ton. My heartfelt best wishes n prayer r for u in future.

Devjit Giri

Always inspired by dada. Tomar moto hote icche kore. Onek kichu baki theke gelo amader r amaro. Ja tomar kajer moddhe dea dekhte pai khub valo lage valo theko r onek photo gift dao. Love you always.

Truly one of the best creations of GodOnly Birds

Birding, by name it seems very fresh and passionate hobby for every photographer. And for me, it is always being a challenging and interesting subject as I love to hold the camera now and then for any collateral sense of interest. I feel it is an achieving factor when I see a bird flying or playing me around, I promptly love to capture them also I keep interest to know about them as much as I can. I generously thank to God for such creation. And the more I see different birds the more it makes me hungry to increase the types of collection. Here in this section I tried to capture some birds which I have got while visiting few places around. Even though I don't carry any powerful lenses for birding but I love to capture them with the gears I have in my bag and here I share some of those. Thank you for visiting !

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