Burdwan, WBKurhmun [Gajon]

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Address: Bardhaman, West Bengal 713426
How to go: Way 1

Take Burdhwan local and get down in Saktigarh. From there you can hire toto for Kurmun directly. They may ask 500 rs.


Take Burdhwan local and get down in Saktigarh. If you want break journey, they get toto and reach Attagarh bus stop, from there you can get bus for Hotgopindapur more. You can get down there and take another toto or any local vehicle which is going inside the village.
Pros: Road condition is good, mobile network availability, few basic shops will be helpful to buy basic stuff in case you need it.
Cons: Lack of local transport
What to visit ?
  • Gajon festival in Kurhmun
  • Way to village, the road is itself very pleasant to experience
Company: Friends who love to experience rituals and culture of India
Minimum day/time to visit: 2/3 hours
Locality: Village
Expenses: 300 rs approx
More Information: Gajon

Gajon is a traditional festival in West Bengal associated with deities of Lord Shiva or Nil. It spans around last one week of Bengali year Chaitra. The year ends with Charak festival and starts a Bengali new year. Mainly Gajon monks and devotees of lord Shiva take part of those festival and every year thousands of people assemble into the villages where the festivals are taken place. Generally putting a temple into the center they organised it where the monks take part in various rituals like dance, drama, acts or play some religious stuff etc. Various villages throughout West Bengal have different content and activities to perform. Kurhmun proves that they are one of the weirdest and unique among all and the tradition of playing with decomposed human body parts is going for a decade.


Kurhmun is the village which is around 21 km away from Burdwan is famous for Gajon festival for several years. The specialty of this festival is to play with decomposed human body parts specially with skulls along with some typical dancing moves and music. The weird rituals has become a part of this village and held in early morning in Nil Sasthi every year. It starts with the procession of Gajon monks holding human skulls and walk through the village based with a Shiva temple. The specific reason behind this rituals is still unknown but it is said since one month before this festival, those monks start searching the buried Hindu bodies from the ground and collect those for this particular day. They make the body dry for one month and start this activity for the particular day. Then again they buried or burn it after the festival gets over. I know it sounds terrific, but that's the way it happens every year. Thousands of people get assembled as a witness, many photographers or bloggers covers the the whole documentary too. All I can say to experience something unique, one must attend it.
travel diary
Started their typical moves lying down on the ground as a series
travel diary
Passing through the mob..
travel diary
Thousands of people get assembled for the occasion
travel diary
God and godess.
travel diary
Holding a full decomposed body of a child.
travel diary
Holding a full decomposed body of a child (Close up).
travel diary
Interaction with the audience holding skulls in hand.
travel diary
One and only attraction of the festival.
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Holding it high.
travel diary
Drummers got attention..
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This is the actual Kurhmun Gajon.


Kurhmun Gajon Festival April 2019
Kurhmun Gajon Festival April 2019

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