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Address: Gplot, Gobardhanpur, West Bengal 743371
How to go: There are few different options to visit the place, but I will suggest the one which is worthy in respect to time and communication. Even though there are many breaks to reach to the destination, but I must say you will enjoy every single break.

Best way to go

  1. Sealdah to Kakdwip railway station by Namkhana local or Kakdwip local. We have traveled by Namkhana local at 5:12 am from Sealdah. It will take you there near around 7:40 am.
  2. Get down and you can hire toto or van which will take you to the Patharpratima launch ghat. It will take around 1:15 hrs to reach if you hire toto. To avoid the community and time killing issue you should hire auto, as you have to reach by time to the ferry ghat from there you have to catch ferry. Auto will take around 1 hr. Let me tell you, among few schedules, one ferry will start journey from Patharpratima ghat sharp at 9 am. If you miss that you have to catch the next one that is on 10:30 am. So don't dare to miss the previous one.
    It will cross the river and go to Ramganga ferry ghat which is on just opposite side of Patharpratima ghat. And lastly drop you in Chandmari ghat. The whole journey is amazing and very much refreshing and it takes around 1.5 hours to reach Chandmari. You can contact driver Sankar Mondal : +91 9593152508 If he is not available, tell him to arrange another one. He will do that. The car easily accommodates 8/9 people.
  3. From Chandmari ferry ghat you have to take another motor van or toto which will finally drop you to the destination within 1 hr.

Another ways

  1. After following the same above step up to Chandmari, don't leave the boat, the same boat will take you to the Sitarampore ghat which is more nearer to G-plot. Eventually from chandmari to Sitarampore the boat will take another 1 hour. But yes while get into the boat from Patharpratima ghat, you have to ask whether the same boat will go to Sitarampore or not. From Sitarampore ghat the toto will take you to the destination within 20 min.
  2. If you miss the early train from Sealdah, take another and get down in Laxmikantapur. Take bus from there which will take you to the Ramganga ferry ghat. From there you have to take Ferry for Chandmari or Sitarampore ghat.

Note: Remember for this kind of destination, the whole journey is very time killing and all the breaks are very interconnected. That's why try to start the journey as early as possible.
Pros: Guarantee of getting unlimited refreshment, No network issue through out the village, coasts are near by, amazing people.
Cons: Network issue inside the premises or room
What to visit ? G-plot coast (mangrove), Gobordhanpur coast (Jhou), the village

Nearby attraction

1. Kalash island
2. Bonnie camp
Company: Offbeat place lovers, photographer, friends
Minimum day/time to visit: Max. 2 days
Locality: Village
Expenses: 1500 Max/ head, depends on how many places you want to visit in surroundings...
More Information: Why to go?

Jhoumon is one of the new offbeat destination in southern Bengal. People go there for relaxation and get new flavor of villages. If people get bore of well known beach through out the east coast of India or you want to go nearby or make one night stay kind of trip, you can try this one. Most interestingly, this place contains two best flavors of coast i.e. 1. G-plot (Mangrove coast), 2. Gobordhanpur (Jhou tree coast). Both are two different direction from Jhoumon eco hut. Bird lovers will be overwhelmed by many kind of sea side birds like Redshank, Eurasian Curlew, Plovers, Sandpiper, Whembrel, Openbill, Various kind of Kingfishers and many more. The stay is not open to the coast but it is 15 min away from it. But I must mention you will love the walk towards the coast.

Accommodation and food

  • Being a new destination, the accommodation is not at all bad. Besides a cultivation field this is a customized hut with 3 bed rooms which contents double bed each and one drawing room which accommodates 3 people. So the whole hut accommodates 9/10 people in total.
  • Two western toilets are outside which provides running water all the time.
  • Caretaker Janmenjoy and Family stays besides of the accommodation and up for serve you anytime as per your requirement.
  • They cook nothing fancy but in village style, just you need to understand their mind. I must stay they cook very well and give you the different flavor.
  • Like other houses in village, they have their own pond, a small garden, a lawn and fields to cultivate and lots of trees.
  • Near by the hut, you will find boat construction area where men are working all day long making big boats. It will give you another nice experience.

Bimal Shaw

This time we luckily met this man who hunts for treasure. He used to be a fisherman by his profession, besides he grew his interest of collecting treasures from the underneath of sea. He has a sense to value things which others can ignore. He did not do this for any money but it is in his blood to assemble history. His wife and family call travelers if they find any while doing work and encourage them to come inside their house and show them the collections. I am sure you will be amazed to know about him. This place is Gobordhanpur Jhou beach side.

Points to remember

  • This is not any luxury accommodation rather it is a customized gateway of weekend destination in a remote village, so expect accordingly.
  • Never miss to get up early and visit coastal area.
  • Make sure you check out availing lunch giving them some extra amount, as you will have a deal up to breakfast if you are going for a single day. And if you are staying for 2 days then you can skip lunch and checkout early on second day.
  • Be careful if you roam inside the mangrove, as the mud is very soft and risky.
  • Must visit Mr. Bimal Shaw's house to experience his small museum. Be gentle, be kind, be human.


  • Never ever misbehave with the caretaker and family, let them understand your timing and requirement. If you have special request, tell them before one day.
  • At night, if you go out for a walk, please be in a group. Don't roam alone.


Take two days for Jhoumon so that you can easily cover Kalash Island. If you have a group of people talk to Jaymenjoy before itself to arrange boat and roam Kalash. It may cost 7/8k for a day per boat. For your kind information Kalash is famous for Royal Bengal Tiger.

Contact Person

Sintu Bhattacharya : +91 9836830342 Who organised the Joumon trip.

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