South Eastern GoaNetravali Wildlife Sanctuary

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Address: Verlem, Goa 403704
How to go: From Palolem it is 35 Km. away and the best way to avail is NH-66
Pros: Ultimate Nature, Amazing road, Beautiful forest, Stunning waterfall, plastic free zone.
Cons: You have to trek around 3-5 km to reach each and every waterfalls, hence it is a bit time consuming, There are no such shades to take shelter while raining, No network (only BSNL will work), no food shop.
What to visit ? There are total 5 beautiful waterfalls you can visit inside the sanctuary.
  • Tudou (8 km)
  • Verlem (9 km)
  • Salginim (18 km)
  • Savari (We experienced this) (4 km)
  • Mainapi (5 km)
Company: Absolute nature lovers and sporty people
Minimum day/time to visit: 1 full day
Locality: Village, Forest area
Expenses: It depends. Details are being given in note section.
More Information: The forest and road are very beautiful. You will find various beautiful birds along with flora & faunas through out the jungle. Best way to go by riding bike, one can go by car also. Inside the jungle car or bikes are allowed and this is chargeable which you have to pay before you enter from the main gate. Camera charge is also there which is minimal, also per head entry fees are there. It is around 20 rs.

If you want to buy something buy it on the way, there are few shops you will find before 3 km of the entry point, you can buy food and water also. But inside or near by jungle you won't find anything necessary.

Must carry

  • Pair of shoes with proper grip (No chappal, No snicker)
  • Hat, cap
  • Shoulder bag
  • Full sleeve t-shirt and full jeans or track pant.
  • Dry foods and water bottle.
  • Carry umbrella.

Not to do list

  • Do not throw any kind of plastic or biscuits wrapper inside the jungle.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol inside the jungle.
  • Do not make loud noise while trekking.
  • Do not wear half sleeve shirts, three quarter pant or sleepers.
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Savari Waterfall
travel diary
Into the dense!
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The stream
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Waterfall view from far...
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Bamanbudo Waterfall
travel diary
Way to Savari waterfall
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Beautiful spider
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Inside Netravali
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Beautiful Malabar Trogon Male
travel diary
Nature Pedicure in Savari waterfalls
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There are 5 waterfalls inside the sanctuary (Savari & Mainapi are the best)
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Ticket counter
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Main entrance


Beautiful Savari Waterfall, Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary
Natural Pedicure @Savari waterfall Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

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