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PrologueA Progressive Thought

Sabyasachi- A progressive thought is all about an intense journey of Sabyasachi Roy who tends to walk through different rough valleys and love rolling continuously having being thirsty to deliver something delightful to the audience. This belongs to an era of his connectivity with passions and creativity and it motivated him to develop a platform to assemble some photographs, web templates and travelling experiences all together. For him being creative is something like starting a new day with new energy. It is a regular practice to maintain and furnish each and every content of the website to entertain you guys. Let’s have a walk together.


An intense journey as an explorer to get the Oxygen till my last breathe.



My personal space which drives me crazy for a sudden move here and there carrying a lense.



An art to exhibit any beautiful creation of god in a graceful way.

Web Design

Template Design

My ultimate profession which gives me the passion to live another day.

Latest TourMathura Vrindavan

Jun, 2023

Not enough to describe Mathura and Vrindavan in words. Different people visit there for different purpose along with different itinerary throughout the years. This is true that there are no particular season to visit these place. That’s my most of the times of a year you will find it over crowded specially in weekends. And in occasions like Holi, Rash and Janmashtam...

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Latest BirdRock bush quail

1st September, 2022

Birding, by name it seems very fresh and passionate hobby for every photographer. And for me, it is always being a challenging and interesting subject as I love to hold the camera now and then for any collateral sense of interest. I feel it is an achieving factor when I see a bird flying or playing me around, I promptly love to capture them also I keep interest to know about them as much as I can...

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What people sayTestimonials

Hi Friend, Hope you enjoying the site.Don't put more food items in this site :) . Progressive thought should have all the positive thought. Best of luck for your future.

Mr. Suresh

First of all,i want to appreciate u for ur excellent job.I knew u have a inborn talent of an art,design etc.I saw those things many times.Gradually,u became older and that talent emerged from u. At last,u did that job which u deserve...Really,i just want to say, what a creative mind u have..."koyi tumse sikheee.....

Sandipan Mallick

Hi Sabya, really amazed to see your own site and the creativity in it. keep up the good work.


Don't limit your challenges;.. challenge your limits....Approach the start of each day with something in mind and end the day with one word...''DONE''....Imagination rules the world... GO Ahead... all the best.

Shivaji Basu

আপনার পাখির সম্ভার দেখে আমি অনুপ্রাণিত হই। অনেক অনেক শুভকামনা রইল। আরও অনেক নতুন সম্ভার দেখার অপেক্ষায় রইলাম। ভালো থাকবেন।

Smaranik Chowdhury

Wonderful album. Happy to see the birds in their habitats. Good Work...

Palash Mondal

Wow Dada awesome.. Khub valo laglo. Onek information palam.

Buban Patar