Bhitarkanika, OdishaHabalikhati Nature Camp

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Address: Kendrapara, Odisha 754225
How to go: From Gupti or Chandbali you have to hire motorboat for Habalikhati Nature Camp, for that you have to talk with agent who serves boat, From Chandbali to Habalikhati it takes more than 5 hours, so plan your journey accordingly. As per your team volume they arrange your boat.
Pros: You will feel like the nature is totally yours, Amazing and adequate food they serve,
Cons: You need to keep in your mind that you are going to stay in a place where there are only solar light available at night, in day time there is no power. And you barely get mobile network (only BSNL will work sometimes), you will have very limited resource for everything.
What to visit ? No where just stay and feel Habalikhati
Company: Friends and family, Birders
Minimum day/time to visit: 2 days full
Locality: Costal remote area
Expenses: Rs. 3500.00 + GST(Per Suite Per day), 3/4 can stay in a suit including food. Breakfast complimentary
More Information:

Bhitarkanika itself is a very authentic and popular destination, and when it comes to Habalikathi it can be a lifetime experience for you. You will remember its virginity and silence. This is pretty different than many other destinations in India. You think there is a beach where you are gonna stay alone. The area contains animals like deer’s, wild boar, porcupine, wild dog, jackle etc. This is also known for Olive Ridley turtle nesting ground. One can mesmerise this trip having a costal trek. I believe this is the place where you want to come back again and again.

Habalikhati Nature Camp

The only stay in Habalikhati is Habalikhati Nature Camp. You are the only guest who will be staying there in island along with some caretakers of the nature camp. After getting down from boat you have to walk approx. 3 km to reach your ultimate destination. You will be walking inside the lush mangrove forest and estuary. This will give you ultimate feelings which you will remember life long. Sun will kiss you from inside of the branches of trees around you. As soon as you reach nearby your destination you will hear the roar of the sea, finally when you reach to the coast, you will find your destination at one edge of your country, totally isolated, totally virgin. That feeling is incredible. There are total 4 cottages on the coast. Maximum 4 people with permission can stay in one cottage. By rules, every cottages is for two person staying, so if you come with another two or one person you will have to pay few more for the extra people. Fair enough ??

Rooms and bathrooms are so big, you can breathe inside. Interior is way good. The best part of each room is a huge transparent glass fixed in front, so that you can enjoy the sea from the inside.

Behind of your stay it is lush mangrove. At night you may get to see lightning eyes from the bushes, don't be afraid. It may be any wild animal like deers, Jackal or wild dog.


In charge of the nature camp will take care of that. You will get morning and evening tea and biscuits, Then breakfast Puri, Potato sabji and boiled egg, Then in lunch daal, 3 types of sabji, potato fries, fish curry etc which will make you full. Then at dinner they serve roti or rice as per your choice along with 2 sabjis and fish curry or egg. One thing I have noticed they don't follow such protocol in case of food, they provide as much as you can. They don't use any gas cylinder rather clay oven for cooking. So you can understand the taste of food will be different. I love the rice they serve. This is not at all fine rice but it is kind of thick and village style.

Remember one thing you, cannot find any shop or get something unnecessary you demand. Because they bring limited items (ration and vegetable and fishes or egg) from market for guests. You have to stay their as you came here as a guest to attach with nature, so forget about anything luxury.

Special attraction

  • Silence - A beach is your own
  • You may find Olive ridley sea turtle nesting (during third week of February to the first week of March) in full moon
  • Porcupine, Wild boar, Wild dog, Yellow Jackal and Spotted deer.
  • Costal trek


  • Through out the day there is no electricity you find, From evening to night you will get solar power.
  • Must carry original id card like pan or Aadhar as you have to show it while boat permission before entering wildlife.
  • Where ever you stay, your id card is must to be shown.
  • Where you have to permit your boat you have to pay 100 rs for your boat and 50 rs for your camera as well.
  • If you are hiring an agent for boat be very careful about your requirement and their understanding.


  1. Make a costal trek in the early morning as far as you go.
  2. Obtain entry permit before entering into the park.
  3. Always use licensed boat : The boat man is your first guide.
  4. Observe perfect silence while moving in the Sanctuary.
  5. Keep your eyes and ears open to observe nature at its best.
  6. Use biodegradable containers to carry your eatables.
  7. Carry sufficient drinking water :- you may save somebody's life.
  8. If possible carry a binocular to observe birds and other small animals.
  9. Use sober dresses that merge with the surroundings.
  10. Carry torch light while moving at night.
  11. Obey the rules and regulations of the park.


  1. Do not tease animals. It keeps the animal under stress.
  2. Do not use blaring musical appliances :- It disturbs the animals.
  3. Do not venture out at night. It might be dangerous.
  4. Do not cook food inside the park :- It will pollute the environment.
  5. Do not smoke & consume liquor inside the nature park.
  6. Do not go near the water :- there might be a lurking Crocodile.
  7. Do not carry firearms and explosives - It is punishable.
  8. Do not carry meat and meat products. It is prohibited.
  9. Do not pluck flowers, fruits or any other plant parts.
  10. Above all, do not use plastic and plastic derivative containers

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  • avatar image
    Angshumali Sarkar
    Posted on: 26th Jul, 2021

    Some places do not require a companion, some trips do not require a fellow. They just need the inner you come out in front of you while you sit back on the veranda of the lonely cottage by the sea beach. There you can spend hours by just breathing the calm breeze, or witnessing the wonderful creation of the almighty : The sea, the jungle, the river estuaries, the sand dunes, the flying and crawling birds and animals. And talk to your inner self and share the deepest thoughts and feelings. And get the unearthly pleasure and ecstasy. Some feelings have no words which let you share with others. Only the inner you can understand the unspoken language. Your diary of Habalikhati arouses the above thought in my mind. I wish I could be there, however the colour remains in the pallet; I will prepare the canvas sometimes and will spread all the colours on it. The inner joy and ecstasy will get new wings to fly.. up and above .. very high in the sky. Yes, I wish very strongly to go to this Habalikhati and explore and discover a new inner me.

  • avatar image
    Posted on: 26th Jul, 2021

    হাবলিকাঠি, যে স্বপ্ন দেখার আগেই সত্যি হয়ে ধরা দেয়। অপূর্ব উপস্থাপন। এগিয়ে চলুন।

  • avatar image
    Pramod Ranjan
    Posted on: 15th Oct, 2021

    bhai when did you go there…arr fooding included or tou have to pay extra for lunch &dinner…do you have any contact number of local guide