Namkhana, West BengalMousuni Island (Salt)

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Address: Better to follow "How to go" section
How to go: Route Map(from Sealdah)

1. Sealdah to Namkhana by local train (2 hr 45 min approx) Rs: 25
2. Namkhana railway station to Namkhana ferry ghat by motor van or toto (10 min) Rs: 10 each
3. Namkhana ferry ghat to Narayanpur ferry ghat by Motor boat (5 min) Rs: 2 each
4. Narayanpur ferry ghat to bus stand (walking now a days or paddle van 5 min)
5. Bus stand to Aar Paar ghat/ Durgapur ghat (40 min around) by Omni van Contact: Milan - 7074855084 Rs: 400 per car or you can hire toto, for that you need to contact Nandan - 9091979809
6. Aar par ghat to Bagdanga ferry ghat by motor boat (7 min) Rs: 2 each
7. Bagdanga ferry ghat to Baliara salt by Motor van (30 min) Contact: Mujibar - 7384270217 Rs: 200 per van (He will take Rs: 400 at a time for up and down for the same journey)
Pros: Adventure, weather, people, relaxation factor, food and lot more.
Cons: I found NOTHING but yes people say everything can be improved in some way.
What to visit ? This place combines with lots of activities along with relaxation. There are no such visiting places around but you can go for a walk towards Estuary (Mohana) Fraserganj side. and you can visit the village around your place.
Company: Frankly go with group of adventurous people to get the best value of it.
Minimum day/time to visit: 1 full day
Locality: Pure Village
Expenses: Around Rs: 1700 along with all extra activities (Bonfire, Crab, Bar-b-q, food on request)
More Information: Why Mousuni Island:

1.Easily accessible, highly reasonable, extremely enjoyable.
2.To get the flavor of pure village and amazing villagers.
3.Amazing tent accomodation, pure rural food.
4.Mesmerizing weather even in April and one of the cleanest beach.
5.Bird watching and beautiful sunset.
6.Getting chance of detail interaction with the villagers about their lifestyle, hurdle and viewpoint regarding their life.
7.Adventurous nightstay.

Must try:

1.Must try crab masala (On request, Price around Rs. 350/ Kg and cooking charge Rs: 50, It may vary).
2.Fly kites with village children.
3.Catch fishes with fisher-men. It's amazing.
4.Playing volleyball or football with local boys into the beach.
5.Bird watching towards Estuary (early morning).
6.Try fresh fishes from pond.
7.Singing songs or adda in the sea beach after dark.


1.Don't create unnecessary chaos during stay.
2.Don't misbehave with village people rather be friendly to know them well.
3.Don't create mess around the place.
4.Don't waste unnecessary water.

Must carry:

4.Few basic medicine.
5.Mosquito or insect coil.

Points to remember:

1.There are limited but manageable tap water which they will pour into a 25 liter jar for taking bath and basic use.
2.They also pour another jar of water from their pond for sanitary purpose.
3.Don't you worry about drinking water as they will always take care of that.
4.They use solar system for power which you will mostly use at night.
5.They have total 3 tents which accommodates 3 people maximum in each. So total 9 people they will accommodate at a time.
6.During storm if you don't want to stay inside the tent, they will send you to another safe place nearby for safety.
7.You need minimum 4 person to avail the trip as per their policy.
8.They don't mix different group at a time.
9.They have total 3 Hammocks for relaxation.
10.Sea beach is 50 meter away from the camp.

For more information you can go through

Most importantly always remember you are going to avail a tent accommodation to make the trip adventurous, not any luxury hotel.
travel diary
Magpie Robin Female
travel diary
Blue throated barbet
travel diary
Lesser sand plover with food
travel diary
Ruddy turnstone along with Carlew sandpiper breeding(behind)
travel diary
Brown headed gull family...
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Brown headed gull couple
travel diary
Greater sand plover breeding adult
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The beach ahead
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That golden ray
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Our stay in front
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The halt
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Tide calling
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Evening scene
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Estuary towards Frazerganj
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That golden reflection
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Expect in action
travel diary
The amazingly delicious crab masala in evening snacks.
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travel diary
Amazing lunch cooked by village people
travel diary
Smiling bright...
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Giant/Jumboo tiger shrimp min (Bagda prawn)
travel diary
The cute little shop
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My dream is to fly..
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The Mousuni
travel diary
Our tent
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Welcoming lemon juice
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Toilet-Ek necessary factor
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Bagdanga village
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Saying goodbye.
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Sweetest memory with the whole team.

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