CoimbatoreSiruvani forest range

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Address: Noyyal River, Booluvampatti, Tamil Nadu 641114
How to go: From Coimbatore hire car or to enjoy more go by bike. it is around 37 km. from the city.
Pros: Scenic beauty, weather, environment of the forest range, journey, taking bath in falls area.
Cons: lack food stall or emergency stuff
What to visit ? Siruvani falls
Company: only friends or couples
Minimum day/time to visit: 1 day outing
Locality: Forest reserve area, hill station
Expenses: If you hire a car you have to bear the fair or bike hire expense.
More Information: It is not at all an open visiting area. You have to take a gate pass from the outer forest area and you are instructed to come out before 2 or 3 pm. During travelling you will enjoy the pleasant safari, photography elements, weather etc.
travel diary
Entering into the forest.
travel diary
Scenic beauty inside the forest area.
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SIRUVANI falls area
travel diary
People enjoying taking bath
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Natural rocks
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Yes it is orange colored.
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travel diary
Orange colored wild Mushroom.

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